Monday, July 31, 2006


Various things

Since I haven't posted in a long time, I'd like to update with some stuff that I did.

My sister and I went to the Hi-ba International camp in Chiba for a week. It was great!! We were able to meet new International teens in Japan and make a lot of friends. During free time We were able to go to the beach, play soccer, play volleyball, play ping-pong and a bunch of other stuff. The worship sessions and the speaker session was really good. We sang a lot of good worship songs and the speaker from south California was very interesting.

It was a great time spending time with other Christian High schoolers and drawing closer to God.

4 days after camp, my brother Micah, left Japan to go to Prairie Bible school in Canada. The night he left by bus, a lot of people from the Church came and sent him off. While we were waiting for the bus to come we did some hanging and climbing on cars.

It's kind of sad not having my brother around. He and I used to share a room, but now I have the room to my self and I don't really know how to use the extra space.
Now that he's in Canada I have to take out the garbage myself and help in the yard without him so that means extra work to do, but my Dad has short-term workers to do some work so I guess it's not that much hard work for me.

Still, it's different not having him around.

Speaking of shortterm workers, a lot of shortterm workers who were helping out at the church for a while have recently left to go back to their countries. They were really cool people to hang around with.
Matthew and David who came from England were great talking to. We always talked about American English and British English. It was fun. John, who came from Northern Ireland stayed with us a longer period of time and during the winter I went snowboarding with him several times. It was great fun doing stuff with him. Now he's in Tokyo area doing a thing called Kids Gospel Team with OMF. Tim and Miho Walker, a couple who came and helped us at the church were nice people. Miho, who is Japanese, helped a lot with translating things so that was very helpful. Now their in Sapporo and soon be going back to Bible school in the UK. It was great having all these shortterm workers around, seeing them help with anything they could help with. I will definitely remember them even though I may not see them in a long time.

Recently, I've been doing handstands and breakdancing stuff with my friend, Hoshi and I hope to post pictures of it soon, so be waiting.

Monday, July 03, 2006


No hands!

Here you go John. Here's the no hander. It was very difficult to balance my body just using my head, but I did it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


One hand!

This is me doing a one handed hand stand in a building in 城南(south Hirosaki) that we just started moving in to. One of the rooms had a wooden floor and was just right to do breakdancing stuff, so I did this. Cool eh?

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