Monday, January 14, 2008


New Years Eve and Day 大晦日と元旦

Here are a bunch of photos from New Years Eve and New years Day. The pictures may not appear nicely lined up.

This is what we did on the last night of 2007. 餅つき(pounding rice) in a tree stump 
from left to right top to bottom: me, my Dad, Micah,Mary, Rie
Here we shared Bible Verses for the new year and had a short Bible message. At the end we had a time of prayer right before it turned to be 2008.

This photo was taken the moment it turned 2008. Rie, Naomi and I were in the air.

This now New years day

Everyone had a chance of pounding that rice.
from left to right top to bottom: Mr.Harako, Matsuyama san, Mr. Munakata, my Mom, Naomi, Nobuko

ooops looks like the mochi is reeeealy sticky!
Yuya and Nozomi Kasai

Eating ozouni, oshiruko with the pounded rice while having fellowship.The rice pounding is still going on in the back.

This is the people that gathered at the New Years Day service(元旦礼拝)2008/1/1


Christmas 2007

These are some pics from the Christmas of 2007. Most of them is me and some other people jumping in front of Christmas trees.
Naomi, Naemi(German Short-term worker) and me
This pic was taken right after the International chapel Christmas service
This was the group of people who gathered at the International chapel Christmas Service
Me and Naomi jumping in front of our sad looking Christmas tree(it started to dry up) in our living room. It actually isn't a tree. It's 2 branches set next to each other to make it look like a tree

Me and Naomi jumping again in front of our impressive looking Christmas tree in the Sanctuary

This year's Christmas was quieter compared to previous years. Usually we have a team from New Zealand or Australia come during the Christmas season to help the church with special meetings, but this year we didn't have any team. Instead my parents and our short-term worker went around several preschools to read the Christmas story and talk about Christmas to the kids. They also gave each kid a cookie and a piece of cake. Other than that we still had special Christmas meetings at most of the places we had the Rocky and Marla Concerts. We had no team, so we had to think of things to do as a family, but I think most of the meetings went well and people enjoyed it, so that was good. For the International chapel we had the Christmas service a little earlier, because a lot of people were flying out of the country for Christmas. On the Christmas Eve we had the Japanese Christmas Eve Service. Each Sunday School class either sang a song or did a Christmas play of some sort. It worked out very well. We sang Christmas songs. Heard a message with candle light. At the end church members brought out cookies and cakes, so we had fellowship with the people that came after the service. Over a hundred people came to the Christmas Eve service so that was great. Later on in the night we opened presents as a family and on Christmas day we got together with the Elliots and shared presents. It was great to remember again this year that Jesus was born on Earth for us to die on the cross to pay for the penalty of our sins and save us. It's great to know that we have hope in Jesus.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Nabe night

One night when our parents were away for some reason that I don't remember, Emiri who lives in the church came over for a Nabe party. We had Sukisaki. It was so good. We cut up a bunch of vegetables and a pack of meat and cooked it on top of the table while eating it with rice. There's nothing better than a hot pot of Sukiyaki on a cold winter day. After we ate, we played some games. It was nice to have Micah back from Canada with us.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Mt. Iwaki

Mt. Iwaki always reminds me where my help comes from.

I lift my eyes to the hills-
where does my help com from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1,2


Rocky & Marla concerts and Thanksgiving

This year during Thanksgiving season we had special guest singers come from Kitakyushu city (北九州市)in Kyushu island. Their music was great and it was fun talking to them, especially Rocky. He's a funny guy.

Rocky is Japanese, but he went to Texas when he was young. He speaks very good English with a Texas accent, Which I think is very cool. He is almost totally blind, but he is very good in playing the guitar. Marla is American and she is from Texas. She met Rocky in Japan. She speaks Japanese quite well. She sings very well both in English and Japanese.They brought their 3 year old adopted daughter, Hana(華). I'm sure she will grow up being bilingual. It was fun playing with her. They have a website at

They did about 5 concerts which came with a Thanksgiving turkey meal and several other concerts without a meal. They also led the worship service 2 Sundays in a row. They were great musicians and speakers. It was sad to see them leave. The picture above was taken on the day they returned back to Kitakyushu. The songs that I really liked were; "I have decided to follow Jesus around the world" in Texan, Mexican, Brazilian, Jewish, Indian and in Japanese music styles. They are surely talented to play one song in so many different ways. "Dareka"(だれか!), "Think about his grace", "You satisfy my soul","Great is your love/主をほめたたえよ", and" たたけその手を". It was awesome having them with us.

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