Sunday, February 17, 2008


Snowboarding at Ajigasawa

On January 4th, on a Friday Micah, Naomi, I and the Harako family went to Ajigasawa ski slope. Everyone except Tomoko and Hikari went snowboarding. Hikari went sledding for a little.
It was my second time snowboarding this season. My first time was with karl before Christmas. This picture above is on the ski slope looking down on part of the Tsugaru Peninsula.

This is how it was like going down the Mountain. I like it when the snow falls on all the small branches of the trees. It really looks pretty. If you look closely you can see that the first person coming down in the greenish jacket and black pants is Mr. harako, the second person on the left of him in the blue and white is Naomi and the farthest person away behind Mr. Harako in the black is Micah. The steepest slope in the Ajigasawa ski grounds is called Nabemori(鍋森). This picture is looking down that slope with Mr.Harako at the bottom and Naomi near the top. It's almost impossible to go straight down this slope because of the steepness and the bumps on the way. I just slid down slowly sideways.

On another day I went snowboarding with my friend from Japanese school in the picture and also with Kris. This was my third time this season. My friend had short skis, but Kris and I had snowboards. It was great catching up with both my friend and Kris on the lift and Gondola.

This is what it looks like while riding in the Gondola. You get a nice view and you get to see people slide down the mountain through the window.

This was also taken from the Gondola window but looking up the mountain. As you can see there are more trees covered in snow at the top. What impresses me most are the Snow Monsters on Mt. Hakkoda.

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