Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sukiyaki すき焼き

My parents went away for their 25th wedding anniversary, so last night Daisuke and Airi came to our house and made supper for us . Daisuke and Airi are college students that come to our church and because they were so kind they came over and made Sukiyaki for us kids who stayed at home while our parents were gone. I haven't had Sukiyaki since I graduated from Japanese Jr. High school and it's a really delicious nabe(鍋). A nabe is not exactly a type of soup, but it's basically a bunch of vegetables and meat in a pot with some soy sauce or something. In our nabe we put in spring onions, tofu, pork, mushrooms, 糸こんにゃくwhich is something I don't know how to explain and 源たれwhich is something like soy sauce that we added a bunch of water so it would taste similar to sukiyaki. We put it on the oven and talked together. When it was ready we ate it together. Their was my brother, sister, Daisuke, Airi, Daisuke's friend who joined latter and me, the six of us. The flavour of the soup sank into the vegetables and meat so it tasted magnificent. I was really happy to be able to eat it again after a long time.

Thursday, May 25, 2006



Basketball is one of my favorite sports. I've liked it ever since I was in elementary School.

Yesterday I went to the park in town by the river where there is a full Basketball court. There also is a place to skateboard or rollerblade and a small Soccer field. It's a very nice park where you can do a bunch of stuff. I went down there just to play Basketball and to practice my skills. It was a bit windy so I would take a shot, but the wind will blow it a bit off course so it woudn't go in. I don't like it when there's wind. I can still do lay-ups when there's wind so that's cool.

Basketball is much more fun when you play it with a bunch of other people. That makes it possible to play games with teams. I like playing one-on-one with people. It makes you think of how and what you can do to get pass the other person.

I say I like Basketball, but I don't really follow it much. I have a Jersey of Ben Wallace(#3) who plays in the Detroit Pistons, but that's about it.

Well... I hope to post about once or twice a week, but we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Welcome to my new blog

Hi I decided to start a blog.

This is me hitting a waterballoon. I was teaching John and David how to play baseball with a waterballoon.

I hope you return to see a bunch of cool stuff on my blog.

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