Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Lyme Disease

On August 31, my Mom and I found out that I had Lyme Disease as we went to the hospital. We are guessing that I got bit by a tick that carried the disease in Connecticut when I was helping my uncle with haying in a field where dear had appeared before during Home Assignment. To learn more about Lyme Disease click here to read an explanation about it from wikipedia. The effect it had on me was that the right half of my face had started to become paralyzed. I couldn't move the right side of my face as I wanted too. I realized a couple days before that I couldn't close my right eye without closing my left eye and on the 31st of August when my Aunt Laurie came to our house to visit, she noticed that when I talked my mouth was strange and that only the left half was moving. So that night I went to the hospital with my Mom. At first they couldn't tell what was causing half of my face to become paralyzed, but my Mom suggested that it is most likely to be Lyme Disease. I got medicine to take and went home. We went to another hospital again(the University Hospital 大学病院) and got looked at there. I turned out finding a tick bite on me and I ended up taking medicine for a month and it gradually got better. Right now my face is totally fine. The thing is if I get bitten by a tick that carries the disease again I could get infected again. I just need to be careful to wear long sleeve clothes when I go where ticks may be present.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Flying in a 4 seater airplane

I forget when it was, but sometime at the end of this summer Bethany and I was able to fly in this plane over the Tsugaru peninsula. Mr. Fujimoto, who took us, comes to the church's Thursday night English class. He has taken previous Short-term workers up in the plane before and he had been asking me if I'd like to go too so on a day when the weather was nice I was able to go up. I never thought of being able to fly in a small airplane like this in Japan so it was really cool. Mr. Fujimoto studied to be a pilot when he was young so it was nice that he offered rides.

When we flew of, the runway at Aomori airport青森空港 seemed very big compared to the small plane we were riding. As we rose in altitude and flew for a while away from Aomori city we came to right above Itayanagi it took a while to find, but Bethany and I were able to spot our house, the church, Itoku, the train station and everything near our house from the plane window. It was interesting to see the town from straight above. I thought that the houses and buildings would be more spread apart, but everything looked so cramped and close together. Obviously not where the rice fields were, though.

Moving on from Itayanagi we went to Ajigasawa鰺ヶ沢 and saw Ajigasawa church and the ocean. On the way back to Aomori we flew above Goshogawara city五所川原市and spotted ELM and all the things we managed to distinguish. It was pretty amazing. After landing safely, we were able to take a look into the control tower at the airport. It was interesting. There was a very clear view of the runway. Even though we went to all those places we were only in the airplane for about 40minutes. I guess this proves that airplanes fly fast. It was an exciting experience.

Monday, October 22, 2007


There's a new blog on the net

We just made a new blog for Young Life, a kids club we started on every Friday. Here it is. It's in Japanese for Japanese people to see, but check it out anyway!

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