Monday, September 24, 2007


Mission Team of the Summer of '07

This summer we had seven short-term workers with us this year at our church. Three from Canada and four from the US. Karl who is from Canada had already been here with us from a year before. Naomi and I actually flew back to Japan with the four that came from the US. One of them is our cousin and the other three were our friends from the church my cousin goes to. The link to the blog about their experiences during this mission trip is here. We had a great time doing stuff during the summer.
people who came this summer plus my dad

from left:Luke, Amanda, Melody, Sara, Joe, my Dad, karl and Zabrena

We went tracting to several towns and small villages handing out "Power For Living" books and invitations to our church. We stuffed books in backpacks and walked along handing them out to people and putting them into mailboxes. I think we did this for four days. It was a lot of walking. The picture below is us getting ready for tracting. Along with the seven, Naomi, Hoshi and I helped.

We also had several outreach meetings where we sang songs and did skits. We made and performed eight skits during the three weeks. We became very good at preparing skits.
The parable of the lost sheep.
The story of the woman with the lost coin.
The story of the prodigal son.
The parable of the wedding banquet.
The parable of the 4 seeds.
A skit about choosing God or choosing Satan.
Jesus healing the sick and forgiving the sinful woman.
A skit about Missions.

a scene from the skit of either choosing God or choosing Satan

This is at one of the kids meetings we had at our church.

We had two retreats right after another and during the second one, which was in English, we climbed Mt. Iwaki. We drove up the 66 curves and half of us used the lift and half of us climbed from the parking lot. When driving up, a bunch of us piled into the back of the truck. It was fun.

10 people on the back of the truck going up hill

The view from the top was very clear and beautiful. We talked and had some things to eat.

We have conquered the mountain!!!
The Elliots along with other people came from Ajigasawa church and a few English and Japanese speakers came from our church in Itayanagi. One of Naomi's Japanese friends and one of my Japanese friends came, too.

a pic from after a skit

One night we had a chance to go bowling after a party. Naomi invited one of her friends and I invited two of my friends Hiroya and Takayuki. We all played three games and by the time we finished it was late at night.

Our feet!!! Can you guess which one is mine?

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