Tuesday, October 24, 2006


School Festival

Last Sunday, my old Jr. high school was having their school festival(文化祭) so I went to go see it after church service. It is a big deal for the school, because it's the biggest event of the year. It was nice seeing inside my old school after over a year since I last saw it. I walked through the school seeing a bunch of art work and stuff the students made.
Each year every student has to draw a poster for the school festival during summer vacation. I always find it interesting looking through them.
There is a part of the festival that bands perform and people sing and dance, but there usually not that good at my school so I didn't stay and watch. I was able to see and talk to some of my old friends, so that was cool.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Farewell Toyota TownAce

Our Toyota van has been junked.

It was a diesel engine car and the exhaust it let out was getting bad. The inside was kind of falling apart in places, too. It was a nice van though.

Now we have this Mazda car. A church member is letting us use it until her son finishes college. So for now it's a temporarily replacement of the van(kind of). It can fit 5 people and is very nice inside. Probably a brand new car. Right now, our new short-term worker, Karl is driving it to go places and teach English classes and such. It's nice having a new car, but I really miss the van which could fit 8 people. Now we pretty much always have to take 2 cars if we're going some where with lots of people. I miss not having the van.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


A Problem with the Basketball Net

My basketball does not go through the net!! The previous net I had was big enough that any ball I had could fall through. But since that net was hung up on the ring for over a year it got weak and started to rip. Probably the rain and the winter snow wasn't good for it. Last summer when my cousins came to Japan they were able to bring me a basketball net, just in case I needed it sometime. The time came for me to put it up, but it's probably meant for quite smaller size balls cause even by smallest ball won't fall through. It only falls through when the ball falls from high above with great force or when I do a three pointer, but not when I do lay-ups. It's a pain jumping and knocking it out whenever it gets stuck, but oh well, I'll just have to practice on my dunks and long shots from now until it stretches or until I get a new one.

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