Saturday, May 03, 2008


Snowboarding in Hakkoda

On March 22nd, a Saturday, John Orme(from N. Ireland), Beat(Short-term worker from Switerland), Naomi(my sister) and I went Snowboarding in Hakkoda. I really like going to Hakkoda because you get to snowboard in nature, around trees.It was a really hot day. We could have literally snowboarded in our t-shirts.

The beautiful mountain at the top of the rope way.

Beat, John and Naomi at the top of the mountain with Mt. Iwaki on the left.
Chilling at the top me
John ripping the slopes
Naomi making her way down.

I couldn't get Beat in action, he was to fast.

To get a feel of snowboarding in Hakkoda check out this video.
Aaron on the slopes winding my way down Mount Hakkoda.
John put this on youtube.

Mt. Iwaki looked AWESOME from Mt. Hakkoda.

It looked AWESOMER later on in the day.

'Twas nice being on Mt. Hakkoda again.

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