Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Cherry Blossoms of Hirosaki

These are some pics taken at Hirosaki Park one morning around 8:00 AM.

The cherry blossoms on both sides of Hirosaki Castle's mote.
I'm sure a million pictures are taken from this spot every year by tourists and photographers.

I thought this tree was interesting looking.
We left Itayanagi around 7:30 in the morning and bought breakfast on the way to Hirosaki. At the castle park, we found a nice spot around cherry blossoms and ate crackers with cheese and fruit. We were the only people having a picnic early in the morning at the park, so some people walking by might have thought that we were strange, but we didn't mind. We had a nice time. After eating, we took a walk through the park.
Since we were so early in the morning, there were hardly any people. If we came a little later in the day or at night, this place would have been packed with people. Coming early made our walk easier.
The hidden castle that actually only is a watchtower.
Naomi and I doing the undefined back-peace-sign(I don't know what it means. Maybe nothing. Any ideas?) in front of Hirosaki Castle(弘前城).
Near the end of our walk we stooped by some swings in the park. My Mom took this pictures of me jumping of the swing. This day was the only time my family went to Hirosaki's Cherry Blossom Festival this year. The flowers were in full bloom and there was only a few people so it was very enjoyable.

hey aaron, hows it goin? love the pics, those cherry blossom trees are real pretty :) hows the rest of ur fam? when d'ya head off to Moody? my friend just got in there, she's starting in January

Hey Priscilla,
My family's doing good. I head for Moody on August 16. What's the name of you're friend that's going to Moody in January? It must be geeting cold in NewZealand now. Thanks for commenting.
ahhh, cherry blossoms!!! miss u guys. hope ur having great summertime fun. luv, sarah
Hey Sarah,
It's been ages since hearing from you. How's it going? I didn't know you started a new blog. It looks pretty cool. I'm having a great summer. I should probaly post some of the things I've done(I've kind of been slacking off on that). I hope you have a great summer. Thanks for commenting.
オーィ、いつNEW★POST書くの??(;´・з・)。o○( ってヵ、ヤングライフのBLOGちゃんと見て栗よ~(●人ω・)*:;;;:*゚ヨロシク゚*:;;:*♪
Those photos are could sell postcards. Fun to see your blog (via Alex's). Hope you have a great year at Moody.

I wish I could go to Japan to see sakura!
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