Monday, May 12, 2008


Cherry Blossoms of Itayanagi

On this post I put some pictures of cherry blossoms I saw in Itayanagi this year.
The cherry blossoms ready to burst into blooming.
One day, My Mom and Dad decided that all of us should go to the park in town for lunch. We all sat under a tree and had lunch. After eating we took a picture sitting on a low branch.
I used my terrific tree climbing skills and climbed a tree.
Some people from church on a Sunday afternoon
It's a great park with a Basketball court. I often come here to play.
This picture is my favorite one.
Mt. Iwaki with the cherry blossoms and a ray of sunlight. Tsugaru Church(つがる福音キリスト教会) building with the cherry blossoms.

This is a picture of the flower pedals that fell on the ground. It kind of looks like snow. The cherry blossoms are pretty, but they don't last for long.

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